The services profitable brands trust

Other companies can make you struggle with single-window sourcing. ARP delivers the service that makes it a success for you.

See how you benefit along the way from pre-design through to post-delivery.

Product and Service Research

The Possibilities.

You know what can be done, and what can be re-done distinctly four or six or even a dozen times a year. So do we.

Let us curse you with even more options, then bless you with the best solutions. Fibre supply. Spinning capacities. Fabric capabilities. Innovations in dyeing, printing, embroidery, washing, finishing and especially sewing. Quality and reliability records. Shipping changes. Where the colors are trending. Our product and service research weaves that together for you. You can paint the potential for your designers and developers on that canvas.

Order Placement

The Potential.

Sometimes, there is a good supplier. Sometimes there are great ones.
We always find the best one for what you need.

Quality levels, costs, delivery dates, production capabilities, changeover times, distance to components, potential delays. Possible advantages from filling capacities, or utilizing specialized capabilities, or from proximity to specific ports.

When you’re ready, we can make the right moves quickly.

Design Development

The Product.

You don’t need to see what we see.
We’ve already tested and corrected to protect your standards. Before you get your samples. On time. On site.

All according to your approvals, from prototype, through photo and sales samples, and finals for approvals.
Your decisions, your schedule. We just make it work.


The Price.

We pay a lot of attention, so you don’t have to pay a lot of money. That means finding top-notch factories, then working closely with them.

The best suppliers value ARP’s business. They get steady orders that help them balance their production, and they also benefit from ARP’s technical knowledge and our prompt payment.
So, when it’s time to negotiate your brand’s order, this win-win approach means you’ve already won. And that includes a strict cost-control plan closely monitored by ARP’s experts.

Production Organization and Order Follow-up

The Plan.

Your order is always well organized. ARP’s tracking system details all the data daily. Our quality control experts and merchandising mavens watch the entire factory and monitor the specific production units throughout your order’s life cycle.

That captures everything (helping us constantly refine our systems) and it gives our team a chance to spot potential concerns and prevent them before they can become problems.
And all these aspects are reviewed by the whole team weekly, because our absolute reliability comes from second-guessing everything first.

Quality Control and Inspections

The Production.

Your garment quality is not a final step. It’s our journey every day. ARP’s specifically trained experts are there at the factories watching all the processes – not just the main production unit, but also subcontractors like dyers, print houses, washers, etc.

Then our final inspection follows the strict sampling plan you specify for Acceptable Quality Level.
We’re not shocked that there are seldom any surprises.

Logistics and Monitoring

The Shipment.

ARP’s systems extend that care and control once your order is under way. Our logistic team focuses on maximizing your forwarders’ efficiency, using experience gained in complex shipping logistics around the world.

Our staff are proficient in dealing with everything from new legislation to old bureaucratic structures.
And that includes our constant monitoring and meeting regularly with your crew to keep improving procedures.

Post Shipment Support and Analysis

The Improvements.

You expect a post-shipment report, rigorously checked. That’s where our post service starts. From sampling through shipping, we meet with you to analyze your feedback and identify possibilities for improvement.

ARP’s experts and merchandisers are both there to get your ideas.
Then they contribute to a commercial analysis after the collection launch, preparing to perfect everything possible to help you sell
better – and more – on your next order.

Communication and Assistance

The Support.

If you come to see us, you’ll find a friendly, full-service host ensuring you have everything you need. You’ll have ARP at your disposal.

It’s important to us that you feel at home, and can fully concentrate on your requirements.
It’s also about demonstrating – as we do with every part of your production process – that you have a trustworthy partner for a lasting business relationship.