Systems and experience

How you profit from ARP’s people and processes

ARP Group founders first pioneered a consolidated approach to garment sourcing in the 1970s from Denmark and Germany. We’ve been growing on that success ever since and now serve profitable clothing brands around the world. With that experience comes our strengths in problems solving, in optimizing existing processes and in resource innovating.

Our Business, Your Opportunity

We find the right mills and manufacturers for your specific needs, get you the bargains and discounts your business deserves, monitor every part of the process, keep you in control at every step, and assure the reliable delivery of quality in every garment.

But we go well beyond that.

With ARP, you have a partner with the market knowledge and textile technology expertise to help you get your designers and developers ready for their jobs.

Our sophisticated systems track all the details from pre-production through to final delivery. And then we work with you to learn how to produce an even-better order next time.

for Sourcing Success

Our Approach, Your Benefits

ARP Group focuses sourcing on several major textile producing countries, giving you the best products at the best prices – with the flexibility to ensure reliability.

Yes, any company can forward your order to a mill but ARP Group does all the homework before, during and after. We research manufacturers in detail, and take care to develop long-standing relationships with the most effective and efficient producers we can find.

We now see how they treasure the volume of our business, the technical advice we provide, and our business ethics. So when we negotiate your order, they give us (and you) their preference and their best price. And when you need rapid development and quick turnaround, they rise to those challenges.

Excellence in production requires humans to constantly build their skills and needs technology to constantly progress. ARP has grown by constantly re-inventing the systems that harness that excellence.

Some companies will find a way to sell you what they have. ARP helps you find what you want and then delivers it to you.


ARP saves time and money for global clothing brands through expertise at every step from design consultation to post-delivery service.


ARP is the preferred choice for single-window garment sourcing.


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